GIGX Exclusive: Interview with Mumbai-Based Producer & J-Trap Artist Karan Kanchan.

GIGX Exclusive: Interview with Mumbai-Based Producer & J-Trap Artist Karan Kanchan.

Karan Kanchan is one of the most talented young artists in India. His music is inspired by 'J-Trap', a submersive form of trap music which originates from Japan. This form has been on the rise  especially in our country and Karan has played a big part in forming this community. 

Karan lives up to his persona as a Trap Ninja every time he plays and his fans love him for that. As an artist, his energy is infectious. His property "NECKWRECK" showcases his zest and passion perfectly as he turns the dance floor into a riot!

2018 has been a great year for Karan, who has just turned 21. His new single "Machine" releases today, and he also unveils his new logo and avatar. He is also in the news for his rendition of Gurabax's track "Aatank", the hottest remix of the season. Karan is also the co-founder of Jwala Co., a collective venture of self-taught, internet-raised music producers. He is actively involved in their operations, wherein he mentors upcoming music producers and releases their music.


We had a chat with Karan Kanchan to know what he has been up to and what is in store for the future.

1. Tell us about your new remix for Gurbax

I have been following Gurbax’s music for a while. I was to perform in Bangalore and one of our mutual friends arranged for a meeting with him, just an informal meet where we could chat up about music. We have had online conversations before but it was really nice of him to invite me to his studio.

We discussed about music, the community, the Bass family of India and how it was getting stronger by the day. We jammed, played some of our unreleased stuff to each other.The very next day, I got a call from Gurbax asking me if I would like to remix one of his unreleased track – AATANK. I was, obviously, very excited about it!

When I got the stems, I knew I had to do justice to the name of the track and making it harder with a very on the face heavy drop but at the same time making the sure it made the club shake. The response to the remix was pretty overwhelming!

Check out Aatank (Karan Kanchan Flip) here : HERE

2. Shed some light on your Neckwreck property.  What is Neckwreck all about?

Neckwreck is a team effort to push forward the Headbangers and Bass heads community in India. Team Quadscore & I share the same passion for bass music and we wanted to create a perfect environment for the bass music lovers on the Indian gig circuit.The Bass Heavy Dubstep, Riddim & Trap music scene has been on the rise, but it’s still not prominent on the Indian gig circuit. The Headbanger's audience is scattered across India. Neckwreck is a effort to bring the headbangers and the bass music enthusiast’s community together. We want to bring together people who share the same love and energy for bass music.It’s also a platform for homegrown Indian bass music artists to share and perform the music that they create with other artists and bass heads.

3. How many gigs have you done under Neckwreck?

3 till now, all in Pune. 2 of these were the signature Neckwreck - ‘Now Loading & Level 1’.  In ‘Now loading’ we had 3 barricades, 1 out of which broke by the end of the event. In ‘Level 1’, we had 10 barricades, which were all broken by the headbangers by the end of the night hahah. Pune goes down hard for sure!  All these events featured Producer/DJs who create and bring something new to the table with their character to it.

4. How do you want to take it ahead?

We are trying to bring Neckwreck to Mumbai for ‘Level 2’. The work is on, we are looking for the perfect venue to match our vibe and the sound. We hope to make an announcement soon.Our vision is to take this to more cities and to form a stronger community all together.

5. You just released a new track later few days back ! Tell us more about it

It’s the Machine. It’s a loud machine. That’s it hahah

Check out New Karan Kanchan track  Machine HERE

6. Coming to your other collaborations like Jwala crew, Omniphat. Give us an update on that.

As Jwala, we have been working on new stuff, where we are trying to step up with the compilations that we bring out. Plus recently, we have been working on offline meets as - Jwala camp. Having done it previously in Goa and Hyderabad, we are working on taking it to more cities and connecting the producer community with each other. 

The story of Omniphat has always been interesting, where we worked on an entire album and lost all the project files to it. We all have our own music projects too. We try our best to sit down together and make music together. It always starts up as something different and ends up as way too different.

7. You recently opened for Bass sensation Valentino Khan, which is huge for any young artist, how was your experience opening for him.

It was definitely a dream come true to share the stage with an Owsla artist!  I was so excited when I was approached by Phoenix Live for this. They have always been working on bringing the best electronic bass music acts to India. I have immense respect for them for giving a chance to Indian producers to showcase their work on such a big platform. I was super excited about it and collaborated with Blink Visuals to perform a full Audio Visual Experience by preparing live visuals for my set. I was overwhelmed by the response I got there. I got a chance to personally meet the very humble and extremely talented Valentino Khan and it was really a crazy thing for me!

8. Many young producers look up to you. Any tips and suggestions for your fans and readers

Once I had tweeted a similar question to Steve Angelo 3 years ago – to which his reply was - “Stay true to what you love. It always pays off”. I have been following it since then.I’d like to tell producers to be patient, keep working on their craft and let their music do the talking.